Interaction Design & Development
Here are some of my works in my main field...
Interactive childrens book
Violet & Donnie
Violet & Donnie is a narrated, interactive children's book for iOS. It tells the story of two jungle friends who embark on an adventure. The idea and story come from Selua Christen, and the app features lovingly crafted watercolor paintings by Katharina Sieg. The english and german version are narrated by the polular german actor & comedian William Cohn.
My part in the process was the complete development of the app. While bringing the story to life using the cocos2d framework, I had to make sure that every page could be layed out once, and would then function on varying screen resolutions and ratios on iPhones (3 to 5) and iPads (1 to 4)

App Store Link
iPad Magazine
Freunde von Freunden for iPad
Freunde von Freunden is an online interview magazine which invites you to the homes of artists, designers and other creative individuals around the world. Apart from the website, the studio behind it released an iPad app to enhance the reading and viewing experience. The app comes with ten free interviews. More interviews can be accessed through payed subscriptions.
My part in the project was to take over development from another programmer, finish a first version of the product and implement new features for later updates.

App Store Link
Flash Image Manipulation
During the last months I was involved in a lot of work that I can not show on a public portfolio. But in my free time I developed a little idea that I had on the topic of digital painting: PhaceMix. It is a tool that let's users select portraits and mix them together. Ever wondered what Obama would look like with the eyes of Kirsten Stewart? It is really easy to find out with PhaceMix.
The tool was developed with Adobe Flash. You can try it yourself here:


(On Retina displays, it looks best in Safari and Opera.)
PhaceMix example
Interactive Installations
Tesa Fair Booth
For the Drupa 2011, the world's biggest fair for the printing and paper industry, tesa wanted something special for their booth. So they asked the experience design studio Syneo to create a concept that would both inform and entertain visitors and potential customers.

So once again I worked with Syneo for several physical installations. They ranged from a touchscreen game over video players controlled by physical buttons, to an installation with two screens where one (an iPad) was also an input device. One highlight was a game where visitors could compete with a tesa employee in a print industry specific technique called "splicing", using actual paper and tesa tools (seen in the video above at 0:24).

My main part was the development and technical planning, but I also took part in the interaction design of the installations. For each installation I developed an Adobe Air application, plus a native iOS application for the iPad. The installations where a big success in presenting the tesa products in an informative yet entertaining way.
iPhone App
Germanwings Vorfreude Wecker
Annoyed by your alarm in the morning? How about being woken up by a soundscape from the destination of your next travel? This is exactly what the free iPhone app "Vorfreude Wecker" (german for "Anticipation Alarm") does: When scheduling the alarm (with the exact same functionalities as in Apples alarm app), you can set the ambient sound of one of eight big european cities as your alarm sound. You can also enter the date of your flight, so that the app reminds you how many days are left until you will finally take off to your trip. And if you like jealous comments, you can brag about your upcoming holiday on Facebook from the app.
I developed the app for Lukas Lindemann Rosinski.

App Store Link
Game for Web/Air
Coca Cola Santa's Helper Game
Christmas comes but once a year—and when it does, you can be sure that Coca Cola is rolling out a big global campaign. In 2011, one part of it was a casual game for web and mobile devices, called Santa's Helper. The campaign was created by Scholz & Volkmer.

In the game the players steer Santa's sleigh through the night and try to deliver as many presents as possible. They can also collect extras and post their score to a online leaderboard. The game was deployed on several social media pages on the web (facebook,,, on iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, and on the Blackberry playbook.

To deliver the app to all these platforms in the most efficient way, Flash/Air was the development platform of choice, so we would have only one code base with minor adjustments. But since Air could not benefit so much from the GPU back then, it also meant that we had to be cautious about performance.

The Flash development was planned and started by Jens Franke, from whom I took over the development from the mid phase to final deployment. Besides the development of the game, I also created tools to create an efficient workflow. For example, a Photoshop-splices-to-spritesheet generator, that also put out AS3 classes with data for all images and animation frames.

iTunes Store Link
Santas Helper Game
Interactive Installation
Virtual Binoculars
This project is a good example for using physical interaction and a well known metaphor to navigate in virtual space: the "Binoculars", a concept from Syneo, are interactive installations that are used like real telescopes for tourists. But instead of looking through them, the user looks at a screen and navigates contents in an application. Three of these telescopes were installed at the annual general meeting 2011 of Allianz SE in the Olympiahalle in Munich.

An installation consists of a metal body, physical buttons, internal sensors and a laptop. To navigate contents like maps, videos, image slideshows and animated infographics, the user simply moves the installation's head and presses two hardware buttons on the handles.
My responsibilities were to find the right technical solutions for the physical interaction, connect hardware and software, and program the main application as well as a CMS to fill the app with contents.
iPad Game
ThingyBlox HD
My first iPad game is a calorful casual puzzle game. The core idea is the known "same game" mechanic, but with a brand new twist: find matching symbols to a variety of categories to dissolve the colorful blocks. And if you want to score big, be quick and aim for chain reactions! If you are really good, you might find your name in the upper regions of the online leaderboard and unlock all the achievements! ThingyBlox HD offers four different modes of play, one of them being a hot seat mode for two players.

My role in the development was the original gameplay concept, programming, graphic design, and interface design. ThingyBlox HD has been published by FDG Entertaiment.

ThingyBlox HD is downloadable from the App store.
Air Desktop Application
Animator 2.0
This is the new version of the animation tool "Animator" which I developed for the graphic tablet manufacturer WACOM. It makes it very easy to draw animations and share them on the Bamboo Apps YouTube-Channel, directly from within the application. Users can also check out the newest videos from the community. The app features various drawing tools and help functionalities to make it easy and fun to use.

Animator is part of the Bamboo Dock, WACOM's digital distribution platform for desktop consumer applications. My part in the project was concept, interface design, graphic design and development using AS3 / Flex. Again I worked together with Jens Franke (direction).

The Bamboo Dock is downloadable here.
Animator 2.0
iPhone Game
Prinzen Rolle Twist'n Roll
"Prinzen Rolle Twist'n Roll" is a new branded game to promote the well known biscuits from Griesson de Beukelaer. Rotate your iPhone or iPod touch to navigate through the mazes and bring both cookies home. Master 17 stages, collect bonus items, watch out for traps and pitfalls, and go for the highscore! Players can compare themselves through the global ranking and post their progress on their Facebook wall.

My part in the process was programming (game engine, UI, online integration). Concept and design come from Jens Franke (senior interaction developer) and Schütze Lorth Interactive Media.
Air Desktop Application
Ever wanted to create a self portrait like an artist? "Montmartre", my latest work for WACOM, is a Bamboo Mini which enables you to do exactly that. Take a picture with your webcam (or load one from your computer) and create a slick portrait using various art styles and filters. You're also aided with your drawing. After that you can share your picture on Facebook in seconds with the built-in upload functionality.

I developed the application from scratch: concept, graphic design, user interface and code (Flex) all come from my desk. Also involved in the process was Jens Franke (direction).

Montmartre is downloadable from the Bamboo Mini Collection. The Facebook app (for the whole Bamboo Dock) is here.
Montmartre Screenshots
Flash Site
Teresa Fahlbusch is a product designer who also tailors nice accessoires which she calls "Hennys". She wanted an elegant but playful site which shows her collection but also her diploma thesis and such.
Since I find these "Hennys" really cute, I wanted to implement something special to present them to the user, besides the obligatory image galleries: if the user has a web cam, he can try on some Hennys-necklaces in front of a "virtual mirror".
The client can maintain all the content by herself using an web based CMS. The site is also multilingual (german and english).

iPhone Game
In the old days, videogames were all about shooting up enemy space ships. In "Kryzer", you do exactly that. However, it still separates itself from any other shoot 'em up, as your ship constantly orbits around the center of the playfield. You control it by simply altering its radius. "Kryzer" is the enhanced version of my freeware game, "G:Plus" and has been developed by me for FDG Entertainment . In June 2009, "Kryzer" has been published, and was available in the App Store until 2011.

Videos: Vimeo Link // youTube Link
Kryzer Prologue
iPhone Application
For my BA thesis at the HAWK University of Applied Science and Arts, I created and developed "toBed", a platform for interactive bedtime stories. Using the innovative input methods and interface of Apple's iPhone, the concept is an approach to interactive storytelling in the form of short stories. To test the concept, I developed the interactive story "Fishes and Stars", which utilizes single and multitouch input, and the device's accelerometer. The concept also includes online purchases of new stories and the personalization of stories, using the new features of the latest iPhone OS.

"toBed" was a nominee for the Europrix Multimedia Awards 2009 in the category "Mobile application".

Vimeo Link
Conceptual work
Virtual Expo 2000 Choir
The Expo 2000 in Hannover, Germany gathered people from all over the world and evoked a strong sense of community. In 2008, the marketing corporation of Hannover called a competition to create concepts which transform this spirit into an interactive experience. The Target platform dealt with custom multimedia touchscreen systems. My entry for the competition was the Virtual Expo 2000 Choir, in which users sing karaoke to the "Expo 2000 Hymn" while being recorded by a built-in microphone and camera. Their contribution then becomes part of the "Expo 2000 Choir", in which everyone sings together. I won :)
Virtual Expo 2000 Choir
Physical Interaction
Workout! Jumpcraft is a quite simple game where you control a space glider with the movement of your own body. The application uses an ultrasonic range finder and Arduino microcontroller for input and Flash for game logic and graphics (papervision 3D engine). My part was programming the game logic and graphics, together with Michael Kraft.

Vimeo Link
Good words are light as a feather. This picture inspired me to develop a new platform for publishing and rating lyrical output. The innovative rating system corresponds to the metaphor of "light" and heavy" as texts are displayed as physical objects floating in the air. By attaching either balloons or weights, users can rate the segments, making the them either float towards the sky, or sink to the ground.

See the Flash prototype